sunMAX - Solar Gateway Quick-Start Guide


The sunMAX Solar Gateway exists in two models: SM-SG & SM-PICO. They serve the same function, that is, communicate wirelessly with sunMAX Microinverters to collect & report Power/Energy Monitoring statistics to the sunMAX cloud. Using the sunMAX Install App, scan the QR code on your Gateway device, to adopt your Gateway. Then proceed to scan QR codes for each sunMAX Module to add them to your customer site, and the Gateway will begin to collect data.

For the latest Solar Gateway Quick-Start Guide, visit downloads.ubnt.com.

How do the SM-SG & SM-PICO differ?


  • SM-SG connects to and is plugged directly into the AC Trunk cabling of the sunMAX system.
  • SM-PICO connects to and is plugged directly into POE.

Internet (to communicate with sunMAX Monitoring Portal)

  • SM-SG has a dedicated Ethernet port for LAN-to-Internet connectivity, separate from AC Trunk Power line.
  • SM-PICO uses the same POE port for LAN-to-Internet connectivity.


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