sunMAX - Post-Install: Monitoring App

Getting Started

The Monitoring App allows WISPs to monitor their customers' installations for power production and equipment issues. The Monitoring App is provided free of charge to Ubiquiti sunMAX installers.

Note: Installations must be provisioned with the Install App for these sites to appear in the Monitoring App. To download the Install App to your Android Mobile devoice, visit the Google Play Store. If no customers have been added yet with the Install App, a blank Site List screen is displayed.

The Monitoring App is accessible at sunmax.ubnt.com. All users of this app need to be logged in with a UBNT account that has been given access by their beta team. If you have any difficulties logging into the app, or questions about its usage, please post to the sunMAX forum at: http://community.ubnt.com/t5/SunMAX/bd-p/SunMAX

Site List

The Monitoring App opens to the Site List, displaying all customer sites currently being monitored. Customers are listed by name, and each listing shows the system size, real time energy production, daily production, the current weather and install date. Each column can be used for sorting by clicking the column header title.

Site Detail 

Double clicking any row, or clicking the customer name in the Quick View, opens the Site Detail screen. The Energy Production chart includes Panel Details, as well as Power/Energy statistics, with historical data retention.


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