sunMAX - Install: Site Provisioning via Install App

Site Provisioning via Install App

The sunMAX Install app allows you to set up the Solar Gateway on your network to communicate with Ubiquiti’s cloud management softwareDownload the sunMAX Install app on your mobile device from Google Play(Android). iOS platform is not supported.

  1. Launch the app once your download is complete.
  2. Type your username and password into their corresponding fields.
    (Note: The username and password are created when you register at https://account.ubnt.com/login)
  3. Tap Sign In to sign into the app and proceed.
  4. Tap Install to select a customer site to view or install.
  5. Tap Gateway from the Site Dashboard screen.
  6. When prompted for a connection type to your local network, tape Ethernet.
  7. Connect an Ethernet cable to your Solar Gateway by performing steps 8-10 and tap Next when finished.
  8. Remove the Port Cover from the Solar Gateway and remove the Cable Feed Plug from the Port Cover.
  9. Connect an Ethernet cable from your home network to the Ethernet Port on the Solar Gateway.
  10. Replace the Port Cover.
  11. Tap Scan QR to pair the Solar Gateway with the current customer site information.
  12. Scan the QR code to complete the pairing process.
  13. The MAC address and serial number should appear. Tap Next to continue or Redo Scan if necessary.
  14. The following screen appears while the Gateway is connecting to your network and being configured.
  15. Tap Done to complete the installation.


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