sunMAX - Install: Roof Penetration & Flashing

7. The roof shingles need to be cut to allow proper installation of the roof mounts and flashing. Use a chalk stick to mark a 2" (50 mm) area around the roof mount (to use as a guide) and trim the
second course of shingles.



8. Once the shingles have been trimmed, position the roof mount over the rafter center and start pre-drilling the two holes that will be used to secure the roof mount to the rafter. Use the shingle cutout and the two smaller holes on the roof mount as a guide for positioning. (Note: To avoid damaging the roof mount, do not drill the holes completely through with the roof mount in place.)




9. Remove the roof mount temporarily and finish pre-drilling two 3/16" (4.8 mm) holes approximately 2" (50 mm) deep.




10. Cover both hole openings with roofing sealant. This will ensure watertight installation once the lag screws have secured the roof mount to the rafter.


11. Position the roof mount back into place and secure it to the roof structure using the provided lag screws until it is fully seated.




12. Slide a pry bar under the roof shingles where the flashing is to be installed to break the bond between the roof courses. Remove any nails from shingles that will interfere with the flashing installation and lift up the shingles.




13. Apply roof sealant to the underside of the flashing and spread evenly across the bottom surface.
WARNING: Wearing gloves is recommended since the flashing has sharp edges and also may become hot when exposed to warm temperatures.



14. Slip the flashing into place underneath the upper course of shingles and lower it in to place over the roof mount. The flashing should be installed with the Ubiquiti logo towards the front.




15. Replace the shingles to cover the roof flashing. Flashing should be positioned so that the lower edge does not extend beyond the edge of the first course of shingles and the upper edge is located underneath the third course.




16. Apply a minimum of 1/4" (6 mm) continuous roof caulking around the gap between the flashing and roof mount.




17. Install the rubber counter flashing over the neck of the roof mount until it is fully seated onto the flashing.




Note: Grounding the Mount

  • To prevent shock, always connect a ground wire from the mounting hardware to earth.
  • Use a minimum #10 AWG ground wire. Run a continuous bond wire to each module and rail in the array. Refer to section on grounding in this user guide.
  • Follow NEC 690 grounding provisions.
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