sunMAX - What are the different components in the sunMAX Hardware System?


DC Panel
sunMAX DC Solar Panels (SM-SP-260W-DC) are installed on customer rooftops in different layouts including portrait, landscape, and/or a combination of both.

sunMAX Microinverters (SM‑MI-250), which convert the DC power from Solar Panels to form AC power available at the customer premise, are available in two models (US / EU) to meet standards worldwide.


Panel Connector
The Panel Connector joins AC Modules together structurally (along the frame edges and corners) and bonds them together electrically.


The Mounting Assembly
Provides structural support between the Roof Mount and outer edges of the AC Module. Each Mounting Assembly has an arrow on the top surface of the 360° swivel that should always face forward toward the trim cover.

The Connector Mount
Provides structural support and 360° adjustment swivel between the Roof Mount and outer edges of the AC Module where Mount Assemblies would coincide with a Panel Connector location. Each Connector Mount has an arrow on the top surface of the 360° swivel that should always face forward toward the trim cover.

The Trim Cover Kit
Covers the front edge of the AC Modules in the sunMAX solar array to enhance aesthetics and provide access to the assembly components. There are three variations of the Trim Cover kit: 1-panel portrait (SM-TC-1P), 2-panel portrait (SM-TC-2P), and landscape (SM-TC-L). Kit also includes two metal plates to cover both ends of the trim cover.

The Jumper Cable Kit
Connects and extends the Y-cables in adjacent rows together underneath the AC Modules. Includes cable support clips for attaching to the inside edge of the AC Module.

Standard Roof Mount Kit
Provides a structural mount between the roof structure and the Mounting Assembly that supports the AC Module. Includes roof mount and mounting hardware, roof flashing and counter flashing to ensure watertight installation.

Roof Mount Kit for Tile Roofs
Provides structural mount between the roof surface and AC Modules. Includes additional tile roof flashing with extension post and counter flashing for watertight installation.


The Grounding Kit
The Grounding Kit (SM-GK) Provides the ability to connect a grounding wire to the pre-threaded surface of any Panel Connector in the array to satisfy equipment grounding requirements per NEC.


End Run Assembly
The End Run Assembly connects to one of the Y-cables on the solar array and provides easy adaptation of cabling from the AC Modules to the house-side wiring. Typically, install the AC Modules in a manner where the End Run will wind up closest to the breaker box or the location where the power cabling will penetrate the roof. Since the End Run assembly has a female connector on it, it should terminate on a row that ends with a male connector on the Y-cable.

Solar Gateway
sunMAX Solar Gateway (SM-SG) communicates with each Microinverter in the array using Bluetooth, then broadcasts data via Ethernet across the customer LAN for Monitoring support.


sunMAX Y-Cables (SM-YC-P4 & -L4) are used to connect panels and devices such as the Solar Gateway or a Microinverter either a Portrait (P4) or Landscape (L4) configuration.

Cable Clips
Cable Clips hook and snap onto the solar panel from underneath to support and secure Jumper Cables & Y-Cables to Panel Frame edges.

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