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airMAX - Choosing the Correct Device Firmware


This article describes how to select the correct firmware, either for the XW or XM platforms of an airMAX M device; or the XC or WA platforms of an airMAX AC device. 

The "correct firmware" will always be the latest release. The airMAX team is hard at work adding improvements to each new version. For security reasons, please be prompt to update all your devices to the latest firmware available in the Downloads page.
If you wish to test beta firmware versions, you will need to get beta access and then navigate to the Releases section of our Community. Once there, select RC (Release Candidate) status, choose to filter byCategory and Beta and then select airMAX from the ISP grouping.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Identifying a Device's Platform
  3. How to Download the Correct Firmware
  4. Related Articles


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In 2015, the new airMAX AC line of products was released. This platform requires different firmware than the XM/XW used with the airMAX M line. The airMAX AC products use either XC or WA. You can easily check to see which firmware is needed for your specific model by checking the Main Dashboard of the airOS webUI.

Identifying a Device's Platform

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airMAX M

The airMAX M devices use XW or XM platforms. Identify which one by looking at the firmware version in the device's SYSTEM tab; or by checking the firmware version in the MAIN tab.

XW devices will display an 'XW' before the firmware version. In the example above, the firmware is 6.1.6 and for XW devices. XM devices will show an 'XM' before the firmware version.

Older M devices are XM while most new M devices are XW. The first Rocket Titaniums were TI, but new Titanium Rockets are also XW. These changes were rolled in over an extended period of time.

If you cannot log into a device to check the board version, it is safe to attempt the wrong firmware first. You will only see an error.


Identify if your airMAX AC product uses XC or WA platform by looking at the firmware version in your device's System tab. The device's platform (XC, WA, 2XC, 2WA) as well as the firmware version will appear next to firmware version.



For those rare cases where logging into the device is not possible, use this table to see which firmware is required for each AC device.

airMAX AC Board List





R5AC-Lite PBE-5AC-300/400 R2AC-PRISM NBE-2AC-13
R5AC-PTP PBE-5AC-300/400-ISO   PBE-2AC-400
PBE-5AC-500 PBE-5AC-GEN2  


PBE-5AC-620 Loco5AC    
PBE-5AC-500-ISO NS-5AC    
R5-AC-PRISM NBE-5AC-16    
PS-5AC IS-5AC    
NBE-5AC-GEN2 (Single ethernet port) LBE-5AC-23    
RP-5AC-GEN2 LAP-120    
NBE-5AC-19 LAP-GPS    
  NBE-5AC-GEN2 (Dual ethernet port)    

How to Download the Correct Firmware

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1. Download the latest firmware for your device from https://www.ui.com/download

2. Use the left hand menu to go to the airMAX M or airMAX AC section, depending on your device, and select your product from the list.

3. Click on the correct firmware, selecting the correct board: airMAX M's XM or XW, and airMAX AC's XC or WA. In some cases, the board firmware version number could be different. In all cases, it's recommended to have the latest firmware version available for your device's platform.


ATTENTION: If you attempt to install the wrong firmware on your device, the following error message will be displayed: "Please check that you have selected the correct firmware architecture for your device."

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