sunMAX - Can I use third-party Panels with the sunMAX System?


Yes, albeit with caveats. We highly recommend you use sunMAX Panels since the system is specifically designed to integrate. sunMAX equipment is priced very competitively for the one of the best economic solutions in the solar market today.

  • Custom Frame
    sunMAX Panels use a Custom Frame that works with sunMAX mounting components, as well as the Microinverter. If you use a non-sunMAX panel, you'll likely need a 3rd party mounting / racking solution, and will have to drill into the Panel frame into order to securely bolt / attach the Microinverters, Gateway, and End-Runs into the 3rd party equipment.

  • Voltage Requirements
    Also, the DC Panel you choose must support the DC Input Voltage range of the sunMAX Microinverter.
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