sunMAX - How-To: Permitting Application - Main Panel Section

This section of the application contains additional information about the Electrical site, specifically, the Capacity of Panels for Load-Side Connections.

It vital that you work with a qualified electrician, as well as the Utility, prior to completing this application, to outfit the Customer Site with the needed Electrical infrastructure to connect the sunMAX system.

Complete ALL fields accurately to ensure that permit application is approved in a timely manner. Once complete, click "Submit" at the bottom of the page to complete the Permit Package Application. Once submitted, you can return to the sunMAX Design page to verify the status of the permitting application.

For clarification about the information required in this section, see the example below and definitions of each of the required fields.


  • Manufacturer
    Provide the name of the company who manufactured the electrical panel.
  • Model Number
    Find the number on the Panel that identifies the particular Model of the electrical panel. This number will vary depending on manufacturer.
  • Main Breaker Amperage Rating
    Provide the specified amperage rating. Amperage rating could range from 60A in older homes to as much as 200A in newer systems.
  • Main Breaker kAIC Rating
    The main breaker kAIC rating can vary widely across breaker systems. More common values include 10, 22, 42, and 65.
  • Bus Rating
    Provide the panel busbar rating in this field. You should be able to look up your breaker model to determine the specific associated bus rating.
  • Are there tabs available for a solar breaker?
    Determine whether there are available tabs within the breaker panel- if all panel tabs are occupied there may need to be additional preparations required for the solar installation. Answer either "Yes" or "No". 
  • Are there any unused breakers?
    Determine whether there are any unused circuit breakers (20A ≤) that could be potentially utilized by solar installation. Answer either "Yes" or "No".

    Note: For load-side connections, each sunMAX end-run necessitates a 20A breaker be installed at panel (breaker box). If both of the above questions are answered "No", you may need to 1) make available space in existing panel (breaker box), and/or 2) add an additional sub-panel to tap into the main panel (breaker box).


  • Photo: Panel Location
    Provide a photo of the main panel location relative to the rest of the house.
  • Photo: Panel Interior
    Open the panel box and take a picture of the interior- make sure to comply with safety precautions whenever interacting with the panel.
  • Photo: Main Breaker
    Provide a photo of the main breaker within the panel. The main breaker is where the electrical current is routed from the grid and is usually easy to identify within the panel.
  • Photo: Panel Tag
    In this field you will want to include a picture of the breaker label- this label should typically show information about the circuits and for what rooms/appliances they provide electrical current. Usually this can be found on the inside of the breaker panel door.

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