sunMAX - How-To: Permitting Application - Property Section

This section of the application will contain all information used to identify/designate the site where the sunMAX system will be installed, including address, dimensions of the property, roof type, etc.

Fill out ALL fields accurately to ensure that permit application is approved in a timely manner. Once complete, click "Next" at the bottom of the page to proceed to the following section, "Site Survey".

For clarification about the information required in this section, see the example below and definitions of each of the required fields.


Under this portion of the form, please include the full address/location of the site where the solar array will be installed.


This section may require a bit more information/examination of the property.

  • Assessor's Parcel Number (APN)
    The APN is a unique number assigned to a property by a tax assessor used to ID a property. For help finding this, consult this KB article.
  • Permit Requirements
    Ubiquiti's Design team prepares the Permit Package based on the specific requirements of your Local Permitting Authority (ex. City of San Jose).
    Acquire the Permit Requirements for Solar Projects by visiting the Local Permitting Authority's website or office. Click “Choose File” to upload the Permit Requirements as a PDF. For uploads containing multiple attachments, compress to a single ZIP file.
    Note - There may be specific Site Requirements not explicitly covered by the Ubiquiti Permit Application, such as data & signature for building approval by a Structural Engineer. This should be sourced & contracted out locally by the installer.
  • Building Area/Height
    Use precise measurements and select the appropriate unit of measurement from the unit dropdown box to the right of the quantity field.
  • Roof Condition
    Inspect the roof to appraise the condition of the roof. Look for missing/damaged shingles, structural integrity/damage, etc. and select the best general description from the dropdown list- good, fair, or poor.
  • Utility Company Name
    Provide the name of the company that supplies the customer with electrical power.

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