sunMAX - How-To: Geometry Design


Typically, build sunMAX arrays to offset (1:1 ratio) the homeowner's average annual energy consumption over next 20+ years. For example, average US customer consumes 11MWh/year. The array you build in the sunMAX Geometry Design should reach approximately ~11MWh annually.

Note: In some cases, like in SREC markets, designing a system that produces more annually than what would be consumed (think "surplus" energy) may profit the homeowner beyond the normal Cost-Savings. For more information on Cost-Savings & Incentives (including SRECs), consult this KB article.


  1. Log in to sunMAX Design & create an organization to 1) save sites, and, 2) view pricing.
  2. Design your simulated array, taking into consideration: shading, orientation, tilt, and fire code. Typically, design a system whose production offsets annual energy consumption by 1:1.
  3. Retrieve Bill of Materials (with part names listed) & order from authorized sunMAX distribution partner. Remember the default quantities in the Bill of Materials are just a base estimate. We recommend as a best practice, that a number of extra roof mounts are purchased prior to the install to avoid delays. 
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