sunMAX - How does the system connect to the customer home?


sunMAX residential is a grid-tied solar solution that allows customers to offset their energy consumption, while sending excess/surplus energy to the utility grid when production is greater than consumption.


  • Each "branch" consists of up to 15 "modules" (panel + microinverter) connected using AC Trunk Cabling.
  • Each "branch" receives an End-Run Assembly to transition the AC Trunk Cabling to 'home wiring.
  • The wiring passes through outdoor/indoor conduit until it reaches the Main AC Panel (or Sub Panel).
  • The AC Panel should have 1) current capacity (busbar rating), and, 2) breaker space to support a 20A Circuit Breaker for each of the voltage-carrying conductors.
  • For example, in the United States, where 3-wire systems feature 2x 120V wires, you'll need 2x 20 breakers.
  • The Main Panel then connects back to the Utility Grid via a Bi-Directional Meter (ex. Net Meter).


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