sunMAX - How-To: Permitting Application - Finalizing/Submitting Application

After all the required information and drawings have been provided the application, add any additional notes on the last page of the application and click "Submit". Make sure to review entire application prior to submitting. 

If you return to the sites by clicking on the sunMAX logo at the top of the page page you will see something like the following:

When distributors are overseeing numerous permitting applications/potential installs, tracking the site status/last updated date can be helpful in staying up on application process and minimizing processing delays.

Note: You can sort the different sites by Site Status, i.e. select "In Review" to see all permit applications you have gone beyond the draft stage, but have not yet been installed.

Once you have submitted the permitting application for processing- the application will pass through the following steps prior to being finalized and processed:

1. Application Reviewed by sunMAX Design Team

The sunMAX design team reviews for any errors or apparent missing information. If further information is required, the sunMAX support team will request updated information. It is important to validate information is correct before submitting to avoid any delay here. 

If the application appears to have been prepared properly the application will be accepted and the design will be prepared.

If the application is missing information it will be returned to the customer for corrections. 

2. Permitting Application Packet is Prepared

Using the provided information in the application, Ubiquiti's sunMAX design team will professionally prepare the necessary drawings and paperwork for the permit approval. Once this has completed, the finalized application will be returned to the customer for approval by AHJ (Authority having jurisdiction).

Expect 1-3 days for this stage barring any issues with the information/design provided prior to application submittal. SunMAX design will follow up with the contact who submitted the application. 

3. Application Review/Approval by AHJ

Once the completed permit application has been prepared, finalized and returned to the individual who prepared the application, the Permitting Application will in most cases need to be approved by the AHJ most likely at a site inspection.

If the AHJ should not offer approval, corrections should be submitted back to sunMAX design for an updated permitting application. They will update and return the corrected application. The updated application will then need to be re-reviewed by the AHJ for approval.

4. System Purchase/Installation

Once the application is approved by the AHJ according to local regulations, the solar equipment will need to be purchased and installed according to safety regulations. Remember, as always the responsibility for safety of the installation is on the installer. Know the regulations and work with a certified electrician to ensure installation is safe.

5. AHJ/Utility Signoff

Once the installation has been completed, the AHJ and Utility in most cases will need to sign off and validate the installation has been properly installed. The party responsible for installation/submitting the permit application will notify the sunMAX design team to mark the installation/application process as complete. 


  • To ensure the fastest return of permitting application, first validate that all information provided by customer is correct and in the proper format.
  • Review sunMAX documentation to ensure that the formatting standards are met
  • Make sure measurements have been precisely measured and are fully accurate.
  • Know local/state/national requirements for solar installations and ensure that prior to submitting the application that all requirements are met.
  • Contact and work with a certified electrician in designing proposed solar array to ensure safety and expedited approval of permitting application.
  • Once permit application is returned, schedule prompt inspection and quickly return application to sunMAX if corrections need to be made. 


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