sunMAX - How-To: Permitting Application - Electrical Section

This section of the application contains information about the Site Electrical System, including Service Voltage and Grounding.

It vital that you work with a qualified electrician, as well as the Utility, prior to completing this application, to outfit the Customer Site with the needed Electrical infrastructure to connect the sunMAX system.

Complete ALL fields accurately to ensure that permit application is approved in a timely manner. Once complete, click "Next" at the bottom of the page to proceed to the following section, "Main Panel".

For clarification about the information required in this section, see the example below and definitions of each of the required fields.


  • Photo: Utility Meter Location
    Provide a clear photograph showing the location of the utility meter, this image should be zoomed out enough to make it clear where the utility meter is located on the house.
  • Photo: Utility Meter Close-up
    Provide a close-up image of just the utility meter.


  • Is the main electrical disconnect included in the main distribution panel?
    The main electrical disconnect may be included within the breaker panel or may be located apart from the panel. Make sure you know where this is located as this is an important safety concern. Select yes or no.
  • Service Voltage
    Provide the service voltage used by the electrical system at the installation site. Service voltages vary internationally. Most US residential sites use 120/240V. For more information, consult this KB Article. 
  • Photo: Ground Rod
    Proper grounding is required for the electrical system- provide an image of the grounding which typically runs from the bottom of the main breaker panel.

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