sunMAX - How-To: Permitting Application - Contact Section

This section of the application will contain all information regarding Customer, Contractor, and, Installer (you).

Fill out ALL fields accurately to ensure that permit application is approved in a timely manner. Once complete, click "Next" at the bottom of the page to proceed to the following section, "Property".

For clarification about the information required in this section, see the example below and definitions of each of the required fields.


  • Name of Permit Applicant
    Enter the first and last name of the homeowner/customer in whose behalf this permitting application is being submitted (ex. John Smith).


Name of the individual (you) who is preparing the application/overseeing the installation.

  • Your Name
    Enter your first and last name of the installer (ex. James Wilson).
  • Company Name
    Enter your full company name (ex. Springville Wireless Solutions)
  • Email
    Provide your preferred email address (ex. james.wilson@ubnt.com)
  • Phone Number
    Provide your preferred phone number with area code included (ex. +1 (555)-216-2516).


In many jurisdictions, regulation may require the installation to be performed by a licensed electrician/professional. In some cases this will be the same as the individual preparing the documentation, or it may be the licensed electrician the distributor has partnered with.

  • License Number
    This number is used to identify the contractor and reference them with the licensing system in the jurisdiction where the system is being installed. The contractor should be able to provide the license number for this form.


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