sunMAX - Drawing: Site Electrical


The purpose of the "Site Electrical Diagram" is to provide information about each End-Run at the Customer Premise, including:

  1. Whether Load- or Supply-Side Connection is performed (usually Load-Side, at Main/Subpanels)
  2. Approximate distances (including bends) of Conduit (ex. End-Run #1 = 22'-3'-15'-40'-10'
  3. Location of Conduit (ex. penetrates rooftop, continues through attic, reaches subpanel in garage)

You can use a screenshot of the sunMAX system design as it appears in the sunMAX Geometry Design software. The same screenshot can be re-used in the "Drawing: PV Array" file submission.

It is highly recommended that you work with a qualified electrician with experience in the solar field to assess the electrical site.


  1. Screenshot
    Take a screenshot of the complete system design. For purposes of the End-Run, you should Zoom to show the Arrays, Conduit & Panel / Meter locations.

  2. Identify End-Runs to Panel
    Identify which Arrays belong to which 'End-Run', then number & color each End-Run (ex. #1, #2).

    Note: The AC Wiring that exits the End-Run Assemblies for multiple Arrays CAN join to form a single End-Run, so long as the total number of Modules across all of the Arrays in the 'Complete End-Run' does not exceed 15.

    For example, the End-Run Wiring for 2 x Arrays (of 9 & 7 Panels) join via Wire Nuts in an outdoor-rated Junction Box on the customer rooftop.

  3. Identify Main Panel & Meter Locations
    Draw rectangles at the locations of the Main Panel (and any Subpanel(s)) as well as the Utility Meter. 

  4. Identify Points along End-Runs to Panel
    Draw points at each location in the End-Run that are of Structural, Mechanical & Electrical importance, including but not limited to:

    - Entrance/exit at building interior/exterior
    - Junction Box Enclosures

    Note: Label the points accordingly—the attachments used in the "Example" below contain a high-resolution image & text file with short descriptions of each point.


See attached high-resolution diagram & supplementary text file.

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