sunMAX - Drawing: PV Array


The purpose of the PV Array diagram is to show each separate Array with respect to the customer premise (rooftop). You can use a screenshot of the sunMAX system design as it appears in the sunMAX Geometry Design software. The same screenshot can then be re-used in the "Drawing: Site Electrical" file submission.

It is highly recommended that you work with a qualified electrician with experience in the solar field to assess the electrical site.


  1. Screenshot
    Take a screenshot of the complete system design without cropping any part of the customer house dimensions.

  2. Identify Arrays
    Draw a polygon around each Array—that is, each group of Panels to which an End-Run Assembly connects. Number each Array (ex. #1, #2, #3)

  3. Identify End-Runs to Panel
    Identify which Arrays belong to which 'End-Run', then number each End-Run (ex. #1, #2)

    Note: The AC Wiring that exits the End-Run Assemblies for multiple Arrays CAN join to form a single End-Run, so long as the total number of Modules across all of the Arrays in the 'Complete End-Run' does not exceed 15.

    For example, the End-Run Wiring for 2 x Arrays (of 9 & 6 Panels) join via Wire Nuts in an outdoor-rated Junction Box on the customer rooftop. 


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