sunMAX - Example: Main Panel Section

The sunMAX permitting application process requires information concerning the main breaker panel. The main breaker panel is the panel in which the electrical main, or the source for electrical power is distributed to circuit breaker within the local site for use by appliances. When sunMAX is installed, power generated by the solar panels is routed to the house through the main panel, then excess power is sent back through the main on-to the grid.

The following is an example of the main panel details section of the permitting application:



This information can be obtained by looking at the label inside the breaker panel. In this case, the manufacturer was Siemens. 

Model Number

This can also be obtained from the label inside the breaker panel as shown below:

Main Breaker Amperage Rating

The main breaker is typically located at the top of the breaker panel as shown in this example: 

The following photo is a zoomed in look of the main breaker, showing the breaker amperage rating as well as the kAIC rating:

In this case the main breaker amperage rating was 100A. (Note: The two numbers are not added- but rather indicate 100A total rating for the main breaker)

Main Breaker kAIC Rating, or Interrupter Rating:

This should also be located on the main breaker itself, in this example the kAIC is 22. It would be acceptable to also state the interrupter rating as 22,000 or 22k. See the picture above for an example.

Bus Rating

This should be found on the label in the main panel. However, if you are unable to locate it, simply verify the bus rating for the associated breaker panel model number to ensure you know the correct bus rating. In the example, the bus rating was 100A. 

Tabs available for Solar Breakers?

This indicates whether or not there is additional space for breakers to be dedicated to the sunMAX system. In this case, since there were a number of slots available- the answer was "Yes".

Unused Breakers?

This indicates whether there are currently any installed circuit breakers that are being unused. In this case, if neither of the two breakers were being used the answer would be "Yes". If both were in use, the answer would be "No".


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