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Across the world today, the renewable energy market for residential customers is growing at an unprecedented rate, for 4 primary reasons, including:

  1. Rising costs in energy from power companies
  2. Decreases in cost, (of renewable tech) as well as
  3. Improvements in efficiency of renewable technology
  4. Financial incentives for investment

Faced with these conditions, the solar market today has achieved Grid Parity.

Grid Parity occurs when the cost of renewable energy systems such as Grid-Tied Solar, drop to, and more often below the energy costs charged over the long-term, by local power companies, or, Utilities.

As an ISP, you’re accustomed to monthly revenues that cumulate for each customer you add and service that you provide.

Compared to Internet subscriptions, residential solar energy systems appeal broadly to customers and integrators alike, given the ‘no-money down’ financing options, as well as a high return-on-investment.

So given your company’s infrastructure, background in sales, and existing customer base, you are already in a strategic position to move into this very lucrative market.

Ubiquiti’s sunMAX residential platform empowers ISPs in a number of important ways, unique from any other manufacturer:

  1. First, and foremost: Cost - (show 1.50 vs. 5), Priced at just a dollar-fifty per Watt, Ubiquiti sunMAX breaks down economic barriers for customers worldwide, allowing you to aggressively campaign and dominate your local solar market.

  2. Secondly, through Education - In addition to a helpful Online User Community and Knowledge Base, Ubiquiti’s free online sunMAX training course is designed for individuals with no prior experience in the solar field, providing in-depth knowledge on how to effectively sell, and install, sunMAX residential systems.

  3. And finally, through Ease - sunMAX Design is Ubiquiti’s free, online software suite that simplifies system design, generates customer proposals, and accelerates the permit application process.

    sunMAX also features an intuitive, plug-and-play design so installers can rapidly deploy systems.
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