sunMAX - Pre-Sale: Database for Savings & Incentive Programs (DSIRE)


The major selling point of sunMAX is the cost-savings, that is, production from the sunMAX system to help offsets the customer's energy consumption—either partially or completely. For more information, consult the cost/kWh on the customer's electricity bill.

There are however, thousands of different Savings & Incentive Programs offered by local government & utilities available to both integrators and customers alike. These incentives help you market the sunMAX system more effectively in your region. Some of these incentives are available for a limited time—so the sooner you act & sell, the more incentives available to you.

For example, the most popular incentive is the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), a federal tax credit of 30% available to virtually all residential & customers alike, designed to accelerate adoption of renewable energy systems 'en-masse', through the end of 2016. So via ITC, a $10,000 solar energy system earns $3000 in tax credit, bringing the total cost down to $7000, etc.

Note: In case of loan financing, a one-time "Incentive Payment" may be required to pay off 30% of the loan. The customer should exercise caution in case a portion of the tax credit is withheld, like in the case of taxes owed.

To view a comprehensive list of Savings & Incentive Programs available in your area, visit www.dsireusa.org, an easy-to-use, online database freely available to integrators & customers alike.

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