UniFi Connect - Collect Payment for EV Charging

With a few simple steps, you can leverage UniFi Connect to offer EV charging as a service with UniFi EV Stations, making it easy to quickly deploy paid public charging use cases.


Currently, contactless payment processing for EV charging with UniFi Connect is only available in the United States. Additionally, you will need:

  • Payment-enabled EV Stations: UC-EV-Station-Pro
  • Payment terminal accessories paired with payment-enabled EV Stations: UACC-EVSP-Card-Reader
  • A merchant account with Worldpay, a third-party payment processor unaffiliated with Ubiquiti

Apply for a Merchant Account

If you don’t have a Worldpay merchant account, you can apply for one by submitting a request to ID TECH (also known as Innovantage Payment Solutions, or IPS), a third-party licensed partner of Worldpay. As a licensed partner, ID TECH is responsible for onboarding merchants onto Worldpay’s payment processing platform.

Both individuals and businesses can apply for a merchant account.

Initiate a merchant account application from Connect Settings > EV Stations > Payment Settings. Click on Apply for a Merchant Account and provide your full name, email address, phone number, and business name.

Once submitted, ID TECH will contact you at the provided email address or phone number to complete a merchant account application.

Important: As part of the merchant account application process, ID TECH will request relevant documentation as part of KYC (Know Your Customer) and risk assessment practices standard to the financial industry. This can include:

  • Personal identification such as a driver’s license and/or SSN
  • Business tax ID
  • Scanned voided check
  • Previous payment processing statements

Once all relevant documentation is submitted, the onboarding process takes approximately 3 business days. Merchant accounts are subject to approval by Worldpay and ID TECH, who are third-parties unaffiliated with Ubiquiti.

Merchant accounts are subject to the terms agreed upon between each individual or organization and the parties responsible for payment processing. In general, this consists of a monthly fee per merchant account as well as per transaction fees that may vary based on the transaction amount. Ubiquiti does not collect any fees or earn any commission on payments processed by Worldpay.

Link Your Merchant Account

Link your active Worldpay merchant account to UniFi Connect at Connect Settings > EV Stations > Payment Settings. Click on Link Merchant Account and provide your account ID, account token, acceptor ID, terminal ID, and license.

These merchant account credentials can be found in your Worldpay merchant account portal. You will also receive an email notification from the payment processor with these credentials when your merchant account is created after the application process.

Get Started with Payments

Once your merchant account is linked, you can set a price per kWh for charging at Connect Settings > EV Stations > Payment Settings.

For EV Stations with payment terminals installed, payment processing can be enabled from each station’s settings by selecting Card / Contactless Payment under Station Security.

Once enabled, EV Stations will prompt customers to tap their payment on the payment terminal to begin charging. Transactions are pre-authorized, with the final amount calculated and charged after the session is complete.

You can view your transaction history, retry transactions, and process refunds directly in UniFi Connect. For more detailed reporting, visit your Worldpay merchant account portal.

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