(ARCHIVED) airControl - User Roles

This article has been archived.

This article is current to the last version of airControl, but will not be updated further since airControl has been retired.

Readers will understand default user group permissions and learn how to add a new user and apply a role to that user.

Default User Roles

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Users with the "Administrator" role will have Super Admin access. They will be allowed to manage the server and change server settings as well as manage users and user roles.

Device Manager

Users with the "Device Manager" role will be allowed to manage the server and change server settings.

Device Monitor

Users with the "Device Monitor" role will be allowed to monitor devices only and will not be allowed to make changes to the server.

How to Add a New User

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1. Click Add under Control Panel > Users. Enter the User information and select the desired role from the Role dropdown menu.



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