(ARCHIVED) airControl - Customizing Device Tags

This article has been archived.

This article is current to the last version of airControl, but will not be updated further since airControl has been retired.

This article describes how to customize device tags on airControl.

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  1. Introduction
  2. How to Customize a Device Tag


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The device tag is the visual identifier for each Access Point (AP) and Station device that appears on airControl's maps.

Each device in airControl is shown as a product icon with a text label next to it. That label is its "device tag" and is composed by configurable device information. This information can be customized by each user so it's most useful to easily recognize devices at a glance.

The composition of device tags is configurable via the user's Settings panel in the "Device Tag" tab. Once set and saved, each new tag will be created automatically with the selected information. So for example, a user could select that for all APs the device tags will be comprised of the specific device's: IP + Device Name + SSID + Product. You can even choose to bold certain words to make them standout. Configure tags in a different way for Access Points and for Stations, with the information that is most relevant to each product.

User Tip:The default device tag format for both AP and station has the following structure: ip(SSID)

How to Customize a Device Tag

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1. Click on the username at the top of the UI and select Edit User Settings.

2. Click on the Device Tag tab and Add or Remove fields as necessary. Click Apply after making changes.

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