EdgeSwitch XP - Access and Manage the ES-16XP


Readers will learn how to access and manage the ES-16XP.

Applicable to the latest EdgeSwitch XP firmware on the ES-16XP model.

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Managing the ES-16XP

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The ES-16XP is essentially two ES-8XP units mounted in the same rack-mount. Each device must be managed individually and an Ethernet interconnection is needed to provide reachability between the switches.

1. Connect and power on the two ES-XP switches.

2. Disconnect any Ethernet cable interconnecting the two switches.

3. Configure your computer with an IP address within the subnet.

4. Connect to the management port of the second switch.

GUI: Access the EdgeSwitch XP Web UI.

5. Access the Web UI by navigating to the IP address.

6. Navigate to the Settings  settings.png  tab.

7. Change the Network mode from DHCP to Static IP in the Management IP section.

8. Change the management IP address of the second switch to another value (for example

9. Apply the changes by clicking on the APPLY button.

10. Connect an Ethernet cable from any switch-port on the second switch to any switch-port on first switch.

11. Re-connect your computer to a switch-port on either of the two switches.

12. You should now be able to manage both switches using the default address for the first switch and the changed address for the second switch.

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