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This article describes what statistics in the UniFi Network Controller can be cleared out and how. 

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Statistics in the UniFi Network Controller can be seen found in the Statistics section, Clients section, Insights section, Events section and Alerts section, all accessible by the left hand menu bar in the Controller. The Clients section shows data of currently connected clients, so the counters will clear automatically the moment that particular client disconnects. Data for the other sections can be cleared out easily as described below. However, important historical data that is kept within the Controller's STAT_LIFE archive cannot be cleared via the user interface. To clear it, it would have to be manually removed from the database, entailing advanced editing via Mongo. 

ATTENTION:We do not recommend, nor support this type of advanced configuration. For help on the subject please go to the UniFi section of the Community.

Controller Sections

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All current statistics on this section can be cleared by clicking the Clear Current Stats button on the upper, right-hand corner.


The Insights section mostly has historical data that is part of the STAT_LIFE archive which cannot be reset. The two set of statistics that can be cleared out are:

  • Switch Stats: Can be cleared by selecting Switch Stats from the drop-down menu on the top, left of the screen, and then clicking on the upper, right-hand "Clear All Counters" button. This clears the information from the switch itself.
  • Known Clients: Clients can be removed individually with the "Forget" button that is on the right of the client name.

Alerts and Events Sections

These items can be removed from view with the Archive button. Either individually or by selecting Archive All. They can then be permanently cleared from the system's records by modifying the Data Retention in System Settings > Maintenance > Backup / Restore section. Or for faster navigation type in "data retention" in the Settings search bar (available in new settings in current controller version).

Related Material

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