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UniFi - Viewing Guest Connection Information


This article contains general information about where to find guest and user connection information.

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It is important to distinguish between the terms Clients, Guests and Users as they are used in the UniFi Network application. A client in the UniFi context refers to a client device: a mobile, a laptop, a smart TV, to name a few. A guest is any client device that connects to the network via a guest network, be it through the guest portal or not. A user is any client device that connects to the network and is not a guest. So you could filter out information on the UniFi Network application to see information about guest clients or user clients, meaning devices connected to the network that connected via the guest network or not.

Where to View Guest Connection Information

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The are three main sections in the UniFi Network application where you can find data about your connected guests. The Insights section contains several filters that can customize the data you see. The most common ones for this purpose would be Known Clients, Past Connections and Past Guest Authorizations which you can then filter down to only see Guests or Users (as applicable). Find more in depth information about this section and these filters in the UniFi User GuideChapter 9: Insights

User Tip:Depending on your UniFi topology you will be able to do a per user (or guest) Deep Packet Inspection by clicking on their name on the list. This will open the Properties Panel where you can go to Details > Deep Packet Inspection. Click Details at the bottom right corner to go to the Statistics section and see information on this client specifically.


You will also be able to see currently connected client device information in the Client section on UniFi Network. Using the filters you may see all clients or only those of users or guests. You can also block client devices in this section, or "unauthorize" a connected guest. Find more in depth information about this section and additional configurations that can be performed in the UniFi User GuideChapter 8: Clients.


You can navigate to this section if you wish to know what type of content or websites your users and guests are visiting while connected to your network. Go to Statistics, from the drop down select Traffic Stats, and then view per User information by clicking on the tab in the middle of the screen. Find more in depth information about this section in the UniFi User GuideChapter 5: Statistics.

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