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UniFi - Configuring Hotspot Payment-Based Authorization


This article describes how to configure UniFi Network to accept payment for guest network usage. This article covers the UniFi side of the configuration exclusively, please see your chosen payment gateway's documentation for the configuration instructions on their side.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. UniFi Configuration
  3. How to Find Account Information
  4. Testing & Verification
  5. Related Articles


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A payment gateway configuration allows for a guest portal that can accept payment for access to the network. Along with a variety of payment gateway providers, the UniFi Network application also allows custom "tiered packages" for the level of service. For more information on the settings within the Guest Control and Hotspot configuration sections, please see the UniFi User Guide (Chapter 3: Using the UniFi Network application Settings > Guest Control) or the UniFi - Guest Network, Guest Portal and Hotspot System article.

UniFi Configuration

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1. Enable Guest Portal. Navigate to Settings > Guest Control and check the box to enable the guest portal. Under Authentication, select Hotspot.

User Tip: In order to use PayPal, the UniFi Network application must be run on a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) with an active SSL certificate.

2. Enable payment-based authorization. Scroll down to the Hotspot section within Settings > Guest Control, and check the box for Enable payment-based authorization.

3. Configure payment options.

3.1 Under Payments > Payment Packages select the payment packages to be made available to customers. These may be edited, or a new one can be created by clicking Add Another Package.

3.2. Under Payments > Payment Field Options select what information will be asked from users before they are able to access the network. These will be the fields on the form, and can be 'required' or 'optional'.

NOTE:Certain fields may be required by some payment gateways; please check with your payment gateway for specific requirements.

4. Select the proper Payment Gateway. Each payment gateway asks for different data as per their system's requirements. Please contact your payment gateway provider to acquire this information if it has not been made available to you already.

How to Find Account Information

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This section provides a list of external links to several payment gateway provider's information on how to obtain the necessary information to finish the configuration.

For more information on how to obtain account details, please reach out to the corresponding provider's support team. Ubiquiti is not responsible for the support of 3rd party payment gateways.

Testing & Verification

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Use a client device to connect to the guest network and verify that you are able to connect to the guest portal and that the pay with credit card button directs you to a payment page.

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