Use static IP address instead of DHCP Client

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  Any change in the Web UI will overwrite dhcpc and will revert the unit to DHCP client mode. So it's not recommended for most cases.

You can SSH into the unit and use the "vi" editor or you can use a program like WinSCP or any SSH client program.

Enter this command

vi /tmp/system.cfg 

Once the file is open, press the "Insert" key on the keyboard, or press "i" key, find the line

"dhcpc.1.status=enabled" and change to "dhcpc.1.status=disabled"

"netconf.1.ip=" and change to "netconf.1.ip=" (in this example I want to use IP address

"resolv.nameserver.1.ip=" and change to "resolv.nameserver.1.ip=" (in this example I'm using Google DNS, but you can use any other DNS server)

"route.1.status=disabled" change to "route.1.status=enabled" 

And add these lines

"route.1.gateway=" (in this example my default gateway is

To save the file, hit "Esc",

* then ":wq" [enter]
* "cfgmtd -f /tmp/system.cfg -w "
* "reboot" 

In case it doesn't work, SSH into your unit and see if your mPort can ping www.google.com, if not, please check your DNS server settings.

If you can ping www.google.com, but your mPort appears as disconnected in your mFi Controller, please check your mPort has right adoption values, you can SSH into your unit, then type "mca-cli", and enter "info", if it shows anything different than your mFi Controller's IP address, please enter the right info using the "set-inform" command.


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