mFi - How to make mFi speak out alarm notifications on Linux controller


Readers will learn how to enable mFi alarm notifications (sound, notifications) on a Linux-based controller. If all goes well your mFi controller with speakers plugged in should say aloud rule names of your choice for an almost instant alert or notification. Currently I have this running on a 12.04 Ubuntu system. Below is done with a live terminal window or with SSH using PuTTY.


Step 1 install php5 

sudo apt-get install php5

Step 2 install espeak 

sudo apt-get install espeak

Step 3 Permit the PHP web server to use espeak (this adds webserver to audio group and restarts webserver)

sudo usermod -G audio www-data
sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Step 4 Create a PHP script and save it in /var/www (for an example ) name it speak.php

The code needed , copy and paste.

  system("espeak '".$_POST["rule"]."'");

Step 5 Make or modify a rule and add a url post as an action.

Note: I have _: between ( Water Alert ) that tells Espeak to pause for a second or so between words.

If your php and espeak are installed on the same computer as the mFi controller you can also use for the IP address.

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