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airFiber - Troubleshooting Good Signal but Bad Data Rates


This article describes what to do when your airFiber's signal strength indicators show excellent signal, but your device is not functioning as if that were so. 

Symptoms & Solutions

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If the device shows good signal strength in all your Signal Strength indicators, but the airFiber link isn't able to modulate at maximum data rate for these signal levels (please check the Receive Sensitivity table for more information).

Possible Solutions 

Please make sure your link meets the following parameters:

  • Clear Line of Sight (LOS) between two sites. Absolutely no obstructions in the Fresnal Zone.
  • No objects that could be causing reflection issues. If the antennas are installed in a roof with metal or any reflective surfaces, install the airFiber as high up as possible, at least 3meters (10ft) above any reflective surface (please read this Community post: Best location for a high performance link).
  • There's no high interference in the frequencies you are using, you can use airView to determine the best channel.
  • Chains are equal. Maximum deviation should be less than 4dB.
  • Signal matches IDEAL POWER. Your signal should match the IDEAL POWER value within 1-2dB. If it does not, you have a line of sight issue, or your alignment is off.
NOTE: Upgrade all airFiber links to the current version to see IDEAL POWER measurement.

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