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EdgeRouter - SNMP


Readers will learn how to enable and configure the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) on an EdgeRouter.

  • Applicable to the latest firmware on all EdgeRouter models.

Configuring SNMP using the Command Line

CLI: Access the Command Line Interface using SSH.

1. Enter configuration mode.


2. Define the SNMP community name and set the authorization mode (replace <community> with your desired community name).

set service snmp community <community> authorization ro
NOTE: The authorization ro option indicates that the community is read only.

3. Commit the changes and save the configuration.

commit ; save

The EdgeRouter also allows you to customize the SNMP settings. The available options are:

set service snmp community <community> client <ip-address>
set service snmp description <description>
set service snmp location <location>
set service snmp contact <name>
set service snmp trap-target <ip-address>
set service snmp listen-address <ip-address>

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