(ARCHIVED) UniFi VoIP - Unable to Adopt VoIP Phones (Pre 4.6.6)

This article has been archived. Applies to versions prior to UVP 4.6.4.X and controller 4.6.6.

This article is no longer supported and will not be updated further. We recommend to always upgrade to the newest firmware release to prevent security issues.


The reader will learn the troubleshooting steps when adopting a UVP to the controller prior to UVP version and 4.6.6 controller version.

  • UniFi Switch or PoE (802.3af-compliant) switch / Injector
  • UniFi VoIp Controller
  • UniFi Security Gateway 

Table of Contents

  1. Possible Causes
  2. Troubleshooting

Possible Causes

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Below are the top causes for the UniFi VoIP Controller (GUI) to not be detecting UniFi VoIP devices:

1. Installation Requirements not met.

 2. Outdated controller and/or UVP Firmware.

  • Find the latest UniFi VoIP Controller (GUI) in our Downloads page.
  • See UVP Firmware Update Article for versions prior to 4.6.4 Here  

3. Not using USG, using a 3rd party PBX.

Our UVP line of products can be used with a USG unless a third party router is set up to map unifi to the controller IP address, and is able to resolve the name unifi to the controller IP address.

4. Using third-party PoE injectors.

  • There are some third-party POE bricks (mainly 10/100Mbps) that cannot provide enough of power for the UniFi VoIp Phones to properly operate or causing issues with the touchscreen. You will need to use a compliant PoE 802.3.at Injector or compliant PoE 802.3.atSwitch.


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  1. Download and install the Ping&DNS tool on the UVP, and run these tests:

    a. Ping the hostname unifi.  Ideally, you will see the UniFi VoIP Controller IP show up with it, and if it pings back, skip b.
    b. Ping the IP address of the UniFi VoIP Controller. 
    c. Ping your gateway IP Address. 

Both should be pingable, you might need to turn off the firewall though.

Wait 5 minutes and if the UVP still does not appear for adoption, please post a thread on the UniFi VoIP forum for us to try to debug the issue. Please include a simple diagram of your setup and UniFi VoIP Controller version you are using.

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