Using WiFiman

The WiFiman Mobile App optimizes your UniFi Network experience by providing tools for UniFi device discovery, wireless speeds and latency testing, and instant remote access VPN.

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Note: The WiFiman Desktop app only supports UniFi Device Discovery and Teleport VPN. All other features listed below are available on the Mobile app only.


WiFiman is an intuitive app that will assist you in optimizing your network setup. Here are just a few of the solutions WiFiman can offer you:

Speed Testing

From the Speed tab, you can run speed tests on your connected WiFi network or cellular data. The speed test results will showcase your upload and download speeds, enabling you to gauge your network performance. Additionally, when connected to a network managed by a UniFi Cloud Gateway, the app provides insights into signal strength and channel width, helping you optimize wireless speeds for the best browsing experience.

Wireless Connection Metrics (Requires UniFi Gateway)

The Signal tab in the WiFiman Mobile App offers real-time monitoring of crucial network parameters such as signal strength, throughput, latency, and roaming between multiple APs. As you move around your space, you can track these metrics and ensure a reliable network connection throughout.

Additionally, the 'Floorplan Mapper' feature (available on LiDAR-equipped mobile devices) allows you to record signal strength in different areas, helping you visualize your WiFi coverage and understand device roaming patterns between access points.

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UniFi Device Discovery

Troubleshoot network issues from the Discovery tab in the WiFiman app. Here, you can view the IP addresses and other identifying information for devices connected to your WiFi network. This feature proves invaluable when you need to diagnose device adoption problems quickly and easily.

Teleport VPN (Requires UniFi Gateway)

In the dedicated Teleport tab, you can initiate a secure and fast remote connection to your local UniFi network with just a single click. Admins and owners have the power to send Teleport invites to authorized users effortlessly.

Revoking access is a simple process, giving you full control over network security.

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