Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool


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This article explains how to use the Discovery Tool. The Ubiquiti Discovery Tool is a useful application to find the IP address or MAC address of Ubiquiti devices on your network. 

NOTES & REQUIREMENTS:The latest version of the Java Runtime Environment is required to use the Discovery Tool installation. The Chrome extension option runs without this requirement. 

How to Use the Ubiquiti Discovery Tool

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1. Download the Discovery Tool from our website. There are two available versions, the free Chrome extension or the Java .jar option. To use the Chrome extension, click Download and follow the Chrome store instructions. For the Java option follow steps (2-3).

2. Once downloaded, extract the zip file into a preferred location on your hard drive.

3. Open the ubnt-discovery.jar file and the Discovery Tool will launch.

4. Once it has launched, it will show all Ubiquiti devices that are currently connected to your network. Each device will have its own information associated with it. You can find the device's:

  • Product Name
  • IP Address
  • MAC Address
  • System Name
  • Firmware Version

5. Once you see the device that you want to manage, you can right-click to see device details or open the WebUI.

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