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WLAN groups are an easy way to quickly deploy UAPs by creating a template-based set of SSIDs with parameters for passwords, MAC whitelisting/blacklisting, etc. 

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WLAN groups are available for all UniFi access points (UAPs). WLAN groups are useful to grant each group a set of individual settings that can be applied per-AP and also per-radio (2.4GHz and 5GHz). 

Steps: WLAN Group Creation and Application

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WLAN groups can be configured in the UniFi Network Controller under Settings > Wireless Networks on the top right section of the page.

Creating a New WLAN Group

1. Navigate to Settings > Wireless Networks.

2. Select the + icon in the top right corner, next to the WLAN Group dropdown.

3. Give the WLAN Group a name and select the desired options.

Completing these three steps will supply a blank WLAN array when you select the new group from the drop-down. When creating the new WLAN group the option to copy WLANs from another group is also available.

Under the new WLAN group desired SSIDs should be created. These new WLANs will not be provisioned until applying the WLAN to the AP(s) described in the following section.

Applying the WLAN Group to an Access Point

1. Navigate to the Devices panel of the UniFi Controller web UI. 

2. Click on the AP that will be using the WLAN group. 

3. In the device property panel, navigate to the Config tab.

4. Select WLANS.

5. Under each radio make the WLAN delegation and select Queue Changes.

6. After making selections on APs/radios for WLAN groups select Apply Changes.

User Tip:If making WLAN delegations on one AP at a time isn't your style, try using the "group config" feature. This feature is only available when selecting Gateway/Switches or APS in the top filter bar. Read more about it here: UniFi - Group Configuration and Tags.

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