UniFi - Advanced Adoption of a "Managed By Other" Device


In this article, readers will learn how to perform advanced adoption of an existing, "Managed by Other" device. Please note that to adopt a device with the "Managed by Other" status, access (and device authentication password) from the UniFi Network Controller currently managing that device is needed. If you do not have access to that Controller, see section No Password Scenario.

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  2. How to Adopt a Managed By Other Device
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Each type of UniFi device can only be managed by a single UniFi Network Controller since a binding exists between the device and controller. When setting up a new controller, devices on the same network will appear in the Device section with a status of Managed by Other. This might also be the result of a hard reset and not having a backup to restore. This article describes how to adopt them into the new Controller.


How to Adopt a Managed By Other Device

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1. Open the original Controller (currently managing the devices) and navigate to Settings > Site.

2. At the very bottom of the Site page, you will find Device Authentication. Write down the username and the password (password is viewed by clicking on the input field), you will be using these credentials in the next step.

If your Controller doesn't display this section within Settings > Site, enable Advanced Features on this same page to reveal this section. You can later disable it, once a username and password are created, even if you disable Advanced Features, the Device Authentication section will remain visible. Remember to save changes with the green button at the bottom of the screen and refresh the screen, to see this new section.

3. Return to the new controller where the devices appear as Managed by Other in the Device page's status column.

4. Click on the device to open its Properties panel. Choose Adopt, and then enter the proper username and password you took note of in step 2 (from the original Controller). If a static IP is to be used for the UAP, enter it here. Leave the port field blank. The Inform URL should list the network location of the controller in the following format:


NOTE:Use the local IP address if the UAP is local to the controller, but if it's a layer-3 adoption use the public IP address or DNS. For example:
  • If local Cloud Key IP address is, then enter the following address in the Inform URL space:
  • But if the controller is behind a public IP address, such as, then you would use http://publicIP:8080/inform where "publicIP" is replaced with a real public IP.



5. Click Adopt and the UAP will begin the adoption process to the new Controller and provision with new settings.

No Password Scenario

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If you don't know the Device Authentication username or password, there is no other choice but to Factory Reset the device. This is set up this way for security reasons. If the device is completely inaccessible, a physical reset will be the way to go. Follow these steps to perform:

All devices have a small reset hole usually located in the back of the device. Find specific location in each device's Quick Start Guide found in Downloads.

1. Use a paperclip to depress the button and reset the device back to its factory default settings. Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds.

2. Release the button (the LED on the device will stop glowing).

3. Do not disconnect the device from its power source during the reboot process.

4. The device will restore factory settings. Once the white LED re-appears and remains steady, you can commence with a normal adoption as described in this article: UniFi - Device Adoption.

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