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This application and its related devices will no longer receive any manner of technical support, including functional and security updates. Additionally, there will be no further updates to Help Center content pertaining to UniFi Video.

UniFi - How to Reset Devices to Factory Defaults

Obtaining a factory-default state is useful for fresh setup of a UniFi OS Console or device that was previously managed or configured. 

Restoring with the Reset Button

All UniFi OS Consoles and Devices also have a physical means of restoring to a factory-default state. This is done by locating the Reset button and holding it for 10 seconds, or until the LEDs  indicate the restore has begun. Your device must be powered on during this process.

The below diagram illustrates how to locate this button on the UDM Pro.


Restoring from your UniFi Application

UniFi Devices

All UniFi devices can be restored via their respective web or mobile applications. This is located in the “Manage” section of a device’s settings. Depending on the application, this may be referred to as “Forget”(UniFi Network) or “Unmanage” (UniFi Protect).

Selecting this option will unmanage the device from your UniFi Application and restore the device to a factory default state.

UniFi OS Consoles

A UniFi OS Console Owner has the ability to restore their console using the Factory Reset button located in the UniFi OS System settings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my device still appear in my application after I restored it using the physical Reset button?

The physical reset button does not remove the device from any applications it was adopted to. This can be done under the “Manage” section of the device settings.

Why does my device say “Managed by Other”?

This will occur if the device was managed by another instance of a UniFi application. This includes cases where the UniFi OS Console was factory restored because the UniFi devices still view themselves as being managed by the “old” application. 

There are several options to resolve this:

  • Restore from a backup from which the device was a managed device.
  • Factory restore and then re-adopt those devices on your fresh console.
  • Reassign the devices using the UniFi Network mobile app. Note: This can only be done by the account owner and requires you to have previously signed into your mobile app while the devices were managed.
  • Use the Device Authentication Credentials (SSH) to readopt them to the new console. Note: These are the credentials set in the prior Network application instance and cannot be recovered if you no longer have access to it.

Note: If you are self-hosting your UniFi Network Application, you should only ever download the UniFi software on a single host-device. Some users mistakenly download this multiple times because they believe it is a requirement to manage their Network Application from other devices, but this is actually creating a completely new instance. To manage your network from another device, you can type in the IP address of your application host while connected to the same local network. Alternatively, you can enable Remote Access to manage your network anywhere.

Why is my UniFi Device not factory restoring?

Ensure that your device is powered on during the restoration process, otherwise it will not occur. 

It is also possible that you held the button too short (resulting in a reboot), or too long (resulting in entering TFTP Recovery Mode). Refer to our UniFi Device LED Status guide for more information.

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