EdgeRouter - PPPoE Server Rate Limiting Using WISPr RADIUS Attributes


Readers will learn how to configure the EdgeRouter PPPoE Server to apply per-session rate limiting using WISPr RADIUS attributes. 

  • Applicable to the latest EdgeOS firmware on all EdgeRouter models.

WISPr Attributes List and Configuration

The WISPr RADIUS attributes supported for PPPoE server include the following:

  • WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Up Max upload rate in bits/sec
  • WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Down Max download rate in bits/sec
  • Framed-IP-Address IP address for session
  • Acct-Interim-Interval Number of seconds between interim accounting updates for the session
  • Session-Octets-Limit Max number of octets allowed for the session
  • Octets-Direction Direction of the Session-Octets-Limit restriction

When configuring the PPPoE Server, make sure you specify the RADIUS server/key and test the connectivity.

GUI: Access the EdgeRouter Web UI.

Navigate to the Services > PPPoE > PPPoE Server section to configure the PPPoE server. The configurable values in the GUI are:

Client IP pool range start: <start>
Client IP pool range start: <stop>
RADIUS server IP address: <server-address>
RADIUS server key: <key>
MTU: <mtu-value>
DNS1: <dns-server1>
DNS2: <dns-server1>
Interface: <base-interface>
NOTE: There are more configurable values when using the Command Line Interface.

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