EdgeSwitch XP - Jumbo Frames


Readers will learn how to enable Jumbo Frame support on the EdgeSwitch XP.

Applicable to the latest EdgeSwitch XP firmware on the following models:
  • ES-5XP
  • ES-8XP
  • ES-16XP
Device used in this article:

Maximum MTU Support

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The maximum MTU size that the EdgeSwitch XP supports is dependent on the ES-XP model. The EdgeSwitch XP devices support jumbo frames with the following MTU sizes:

  • ES-5XP Maximum MTU size of 9216 bytes.
  • ES-8XP Maximum MTU size of 9720 bytes.
  • ES-16XP Maximum MTU size of 9720 bytes.

The support for jumbo frames is disabled by default, but can be enabled by following the steps below:

GUI: Access the ES-XP Web UI.

1. Navigate to the Settings  settings.png  tab.

2. Enable the Jumbo frames option in the Switch Settings section.

3. Apply the changes by clicking on the APPLY button.

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