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airFiber - AF24 Topology Options

In addition to the simple Point-to-Point (PtP) link design, the airFiber 24 (AF24) can be used in ring edundancy patterns as well as daisy-chained paths, as shown below.

Ring Redundancy

Multiple AF24 radios can be placed in a ring-topology for redundancy. If one link goes down, other links have alternate routes available. For each link, configure one airFiber radio as Master and the other as Slave.

AF24 radios in ring topology

Daisy-Chain Paths

Multiple AF24 radios can also be used to extend the distance of a link like a series of PtP relays (PtPtP). Radios in the same node must use the same Wireless Mode (Master or Slave) to ensure low-latency across the entire link. 

AF24 radios daisy-chained together

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