(ARCHIVED) airControl - Adding Devices to the Topology Tree

This article has been archived.

This article is current to the last version of airControl, but will not be updated further since airControl has been retired.

This article describes how to add devices to the airControl topology tree. Find more airControl information in the airControl User Guide.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Adding Devices Automatically
  3. Adding Devices Manually
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Since airControl has complete topology information, scanning IP ranges to discover devices becomes redundant. Just add a Gateway or NAT-Gateway device manually, and the airControl discovery/resolution task will automatically gather all the device information downstream of the gateway device. However, there are some cases when an IP range-scan still has benefits. For example, when adding a batch of devices which are accessible via public IP and have large networks behind them.

Adding Devices Automatically

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When running  the discovery task if  the "Resolve Topology" option is checked, the task will try to resolve topological relations among discovered devices. To perform this action, airControl will need to log into each discovered device and extract network information by executing commands via SSH. The user will be prompted to enter credentials for each device.

In the task window, the user can select from which device the discovery/resolution should begin. If "Topology Root" is chosen, discovery/resolution will start from the airControl server by sending Layer-2 device discovery broadcasts.

However, if discovery is started from a specific device, the task will log into that first device and execute discovery via the SSH discover command. This approach is useful to discover devices residing on subnets different from the ones the airControl server is running on.

Adding Devices Manually

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If a device is not reachable through Layer-2 discovery, it will have to be added manually by invoking context menu (using right-click) on a "Topology Root" or any device inside the topology tree and selecting the "Add Device Manually" option. In the displayed Add Device Task panel, the user must specify:

  • The IP address of the device (DNS name resolution currently not supported)
  • SSH port and SSH credentials
  • Gateway option. The gateway option defines how device discovery and topology resolution is performed with respect to this device. These are the possibilities:
    • Off: The device resides on the same local subnet as its parent node.
    • On: The device is on a different subnet than its parent. It is used as a "gateway" for discovering devices on its subnet. As mentioned above, the "discover" shell command will be executed by airControl on the gateway device.

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