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TOUGHCable - Connector and Crimper Compatibility Chart

This article includes information on compatibility of some popular RJ45 crimping tools with our TC-Connector (TC-CON) and TC-Connector GROUND (TC-GND). If you have tried other crimpers, please let us know your results.

NOTE: This information has been provided by users. If you find a discrepancy, please let us know so we can correct it.

Crimp Tool

Compatible with TC-GND

Compatible with TC-CON

Platinium Tools EZ-RJ45 NO YES
IDEAL Ratchet Telemaster (30-696) YES YES
Platinium Tools EZ-RJ45 PRO HD NO YES
Monoprice #3347 Professional Modular Crimps, Strips, and Cuts Tool with Ratchet YES YES 
IDEAL NO. 30-559 (use die set with any replaceable die ratchet crimper)  YES YES 
Other generic RJ45 crimper NO YES
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