Custom Sensor - How to change the mFi-THS to a Humidity Sensor


The mFi-THS also has a humidity signal on pin 2 of the RJ45 port, and pin 1 is grounded, allowing these signals to be connected to pins 3 and 6 respectively of an additional mPort RJ45 port (or A+, A- of the terminal bock).





Custom Sensor Definition

Store this file as <mfi root>/build/dl/custom.json Or if that file already exists, add the contents to the existing file according to the custom sensor document.


   "Ubiquiti mFi-THS : Humidity" : {
       "desc" : "Ubiquiti humidity sensor (need to route pins 1 and 2 of MFI-THS to pins 6 and 3 of the mPort RJ45 connector, or A+ and A- of the mPort terminal block)",
       "conversion" : "xyz*50",
       "analog" : true,
       "rj45_v1" : true,
       "tblock_v1" : true,
       "pwr_volt" : 12,
       "rep_analog" : 1,
       "default_tag" : "humidity",
       "analog_tag" : "humidity",
       "unit" : "%",
       "precision" : 2


Note: this configuration also sends power out, which normally is not connected to anything when used with the temperature function. This allows this definition to also be used stand-alone, for humidity only.

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