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airMAX - How to Factory Default the airGateway


This article explains how to reset the airGateway back to initial, factory default conditions.

NOTES & REQUIREMENTS:Please note the airGateway is EOL, and as such this article will not be updated further.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Reset the airGateway to Factory Defaults
  3. How to Access the airGateway's WebUI 


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When docked to a Ubiquiti Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector and powered-up, the airGateway will quickly activate as a bridged Access Point and DHCP server by default. As a result, you may link to it either by connecting your computer's Ethernet port to the airGateway's Ethernet port with an Ethernet cable, or connect via WiFi by scanning for the default SSID of "" and linking to its open AP.

The airGateway's self assigned IP address is, while its factory default IP pool is a very generously populated range of

Lamp states are:

  • Steady White: Booting.
  • Steady Blue: Active connection detected.
  • Alternating Blue/White: Busy, do not unplug.

How to Reset the airGateway to Factory Defaults

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To restore the airGateway to factory defaults by using the Reset button, found on the back panel, follow these steps:

1. Break a wooden toothpick in half and insert the clean, flat edge into the hole. Any other similarly sized artifact will work.

2. With the airGateway powered "on", gently depress the Reset button with the toothpick until a slight "pop" is felt.  Hold the button until the status lamp on the airGateway flashes, then release it.

3. When the lamp returns to "Steady", your airGateway has been returned to factory default state.

How to Access the airGateway's WebUI 

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After connecting to the airGateway via either Ethernet or WiFi, follow these steps to access the airGateway's user interface:

1. Open a web browser and enter the default IP address( in the URL field. Do not be alarmed if you are presented with a security certificate warning. Treat the airGateway as "trusted".

2. After completing the initial setup screen (username / password = ubnt / ubnt), you will see the Quick Setup Wizard that will prompt you to change the default administration account name, administration account password and secure the WiFi AP function. You may click on Cancel to quit the wizard and proceed manually if you prefer.

User Tip: You might see a warning that says: An airMAX CPE has not been detected. Please verify if the airGateway is properly connected to your airMAX device.You can safely ignore this as it is referring to a feature that is non-functioning on the airGateway.
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