Set WiFi Speed Limits

UniFi offers numerous traffic shaping options to maximize control over your network.

Traffic Rules

In addition to speed limiting, Traffic Rules provide full next-generation firewall capabilities. They can be configured to apply to any client, network, or even specific applications. Traffic Rules can:

  • Block specific apps, domains, and regions to control network usage and prioritize important traffic.
  • Add a schedule to customize when traffic is blocked, ensuring bandwidth is available when needed most.
  • Limit bandwidth for specific applications or devices to prevent them from consuming excessive network resources.

See our full article on Traffic Rules to learn more.

WiFi Speed Limits

WiFi Speed Limits provide a means of limiting wireless bandwidth, even without a UniFi Gateway. They can be applied to an entire WiFi, or to individual wireless clients. WiFi Speed Limits can be configured as follows:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Profiles > WiFi Speed Limit.
  2. Create a new profile.
  3. Navigate to Settings > WiFi.
  4. Select a WiFi Network, enable WiFi Speed Limit, and select your profile.
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