UniFi - How to Set Traffic Bandwidth Limits


UniFi Network allows you to set bandwidth limits for specific client devices or for a WiFi network, limiting all clients that connect to it.

Limits are set per user, not a total bandwidth to be shared amongst all users connected to the network at that time. The limits are applied at the WLAN UniFi Access Point, therefore this article is applicable to wireless clients only. At this time, traffic shaping cannot be done to wired clients via the UniFi Network application.

Creating Bandwidth Profiles

To create a new bandwidth profile go to Settings > Advanced Features > Add Bandwidth Profile.


Applying Bandwidth Profiles to a WiFi Network

Bandwidth profiles can be applied to a WiFi network under Settings > WiFi > Advanced > Bandwidth Profile dropdown. Any client device that connects to this WiFi network will be limited by the bandwidth profile selected, unless it has been configured with a specific bandwidth profile.


Applying Bandwidth Profiles to Clients

Bandwidth profiles can be applied directly to client devices in Clients > Select device > Configuration > Bandwidth Profile dropdown.

Note that selecting a bandwidth profile for a specific client will force the client to disregard the configured bandwidth profile and rate limits (if any) of the wireless network that the client is connected to. In other words, the bandwidth profile set to a client will override the bandwidth profile set to the WiFi network.




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