UniFi Network - Leveraging TFTP Recovery (Advanced Users Only)

UniFi is designed to work seamlessly out of the box and has various methods of auto-recovery to ensure maximum robustness.

Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) Recovery is used if your Access Point (AP) enters a broken state. This may be caused by electrostatic discharge from one of your other networking devices, or it may result if the firmware update process is interrupted.

You should only attempt this as a last resort and with the recommendation of our Ubiquiti Support Team


1. Download your device’s latest firmware which will be used for recovery and save it to your computer. This will be a *.bin file.

2. Make sure your AP is powered on, and has one available ethernet port.

3. Press and hold the Reset button. Do not release it until step 5.

4. While continuing to press the Reset button, connect your computer to the available ethernet port of the AP.

5. Continue holding the Reset button until the light begins flashing white > blue > off as indicated in our LED Status Guide. This indicates your device is ready for TFTP Recovery and you can release the button.

6. Set a static IP address on your computer to communicate with the AP which has a default IP address of The following is an example configuration:

  • Static IP:
  • Subnet:
  • Gateway:

7. Use TFTP to move the firmware from your computer to your AP. There are various programs and methods for accomplishing this. We provide two methods for your reference.


Use a TFTP software, such as pumpKIN, and select the firmware download as the “local file” and transfer it to the AP.

macOS and Linux

Enter TFTP mode by entering the command tftp.

Once in TFTP, paste the following commands and hit enter.

rexmt 1
timeout 60
put /path/to/firmware_name.bin

8. The file will begin transferring at this point. The firmware will upgrade and the device will automatically reboot once it has finished. Do not reboot it yourself.

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