How To Sign Up for Early Access


This article explains how to join Ubiquiti's Early Access Program, which provides access to the Beta blogs.

NOTES & REQUIREMENTS:Chrome is required for early access, as it is the only officially supported Ubiquiti-product browser.

Steps to Sign Up

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1. Access your account by navigating to https://account.ui.com/ and logging in.

2. In your Account Settings, click on Early Access Programs. 

User Tip:If you face issues with a spinning circle, please first force a refresh (not from cache) by pressing either CTRL+F5 or CTLR+SHIFT+R (Windows/Linux), or CMD+SHIFT+R (macOS). If the spinning circle issue persists you may need to use private/incognito mode so that add-ons are disabled.


3. Carefully read the Early Access Program Terms of Service and Guidelines by clicking the link to Learn more, and if you are in agreement, check the box to agree to the terms and click on the Join now button.

User Tip: If you do not see a Join button at the bottom, it is because you already have Beta access. Log out and back in or refresh your browser. In some cases users have reported needing to perform a cookie and data deletion for ui.com and logging in again. Verify by trying to open this link after logging in again. It should take you to the UniFi Beta section.

4. Once you have joined, the agreement checkbox and "Join Now" button will disappear. Log out and back in to activate your beta access.

Beta Community and Releases

There are two separate sections of interest: Community and Releases.
Official support for Beta is provided on the Beta Community. To go post a question or search for help on Beta topics:

Then you can Deselect All and choose only the ones you are interested in. To post in the Beta section, click Create New Topic and select "Beta" under Type, then select which Beta category it should go under by clicking on the tags.


Releases section is where you can download firmware and software releases. To find beta firmware and software, go to https://community.ui.com/releases, and toggle from "Official" to the "Beta" group of tags in the left hand tags selector. Then you can Deselect All and choose only the ones you are interested in. If you don't see any results, make sure the Status drop down does not have Stable selected, since those would be found under the Official tab.


Accessing the Early Access store

To access the Early Access store, go to https://store.ui.com, and log in (when navigating from the Community to the store, you might have to log in again, verify in the upper right hand corner that you are in). Then click on the Early Access link in the top menu bar. Please remember that the Ubiquiti Networks Early Access store is currently available only for US-based customers.

User Tip: To remove beta access and opt out of early access, please use the Submit a Request contact form to request beta access to be removed.
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