Selecting Your UniFi Equipment

UniFi is a comprehensive solution that leverages hardware and software components to deliver end-to-end management for a wide range of IT needs. By following the right steps, you can easily find the perfect products for your needs.

Console Selection

Begin by choosing a UniFi Console which will be responsible for running the UniFi application software and providing remote management of all deployments via the UniFi Site Manager, located at

Cloud Gateways are UniFi Consoles that have a built-in gateway to enable routing, VPN, and network security features, including an application-aware firewall. The Dream Machine Professional (UDM Pro) is our recommended solution for most users as it features:

  • 3.5+ Gbps routing with IDS/IPS
  • 10G SFP+, 8 GbE RJ45 LAN ports
  • 10G SFP+, 1 GbE RJ45 WAN ports
  • 3.5" NVR HDD bay
  • Additional support to manage cameras (Protect), door access systems (Access), and VoIP phones (Talk).
  • Capable of managing up to 75 combined UniFi APs and switches as well as 12 2K resolution cameras.

Users may also consider the UDM Special Edition, which comes with an upgraded 2.5GbE WAN port, integrated 128GB SSD storage, and PoE/PoE+ output on its switch ports.

UniFi Network at Scale

The Cloud Key Enterprise and Official UniFi Hosting are both dedicated UniFi Network solutions capable of managing up to 1,000 combined APs and switches. The primary difference is that the Cloud Key is a hardware console, while Official UniFi Hosting is a subscription-based, cloud-only solution designed to eliminate maintenance overhead.

Whatever you choose, just add an independent gateway like the Gateway Professional (UXG Pro) to utilize UniFi's routing, VPN, and network security features.

Homes and Small Businesses
UniFi Express and the Dream Router are both Cloud Gateways with integrated WiFi access points, making them ideal solutions for homes and small businesses.
  • Express:
    • Dedicated UniFi Network solution
    • Built-in WiFi 6
    • GbE WAN & LAN
    • Manage up to 4 additional APs and switches
  • Dream Router:
    • Capable of running UniFi Network and one other UniFi application (Protect/Talk/Access/Connect).
    • Built-in WiFi 6
    • GbE WAN and LAN
    • Integrated 4-port switch w/ 2 PoE ports
    • Manage up to 15 additional APs and switches
Supplementary Consoles

Some users may supplement their deployment with additional UniFi consoles. This is common for expanding UniFi application support when a Network-only console is used (CloudKey+), or when deploying large-scale surveillance systems (Network Video Recorders).

  • CloudKey+: Compact UniFi Console ideal for use alongside Network-only consoles to enable expanded support for managing door access systems (Access), VoIP phones (Talk), and up to (12) 2K resolution cameras (Protect).
  • Network Video Recorders: Use alongside your primary console for scalable camera security management with redundant RAID storage.
    • The base model can support up to (25) 2K cameras (50, when stacked) and has 4 HDD bays for more than 30 days of storage.
    • The Professional model can support up to (30) 2K cameras (60, when stacked) and has 7 HDD bays to provide up to 60 days of storage.

Selecting UniFi Devices

WiFi Access Points (APs)

UniFi has a wide portfolio of APs to support all use-cases. Here are some highlights:

  • U6 Professional: A high-performance and reliable WiFi 6 access point. The perfect choice for large offices and professional environments.
  • U6 Enterprise: Offering enhanced performance and increased client capacity with a 2.5GbE uplink and 6GHz spectrum support, this is ideal for high-density professional environments.
  • U6+: A compact access point with dual-band WiFi 6, designed for homes and small businesses.
  • U6 Mesh: A sleek indoor/outdoor WiFi 6 access point with versatile mounting options on walls, poles, or desktops.
  • U6 In-Wall: A low-profile WiFi 6 access point with integrated PoE switching, perfect for small offices or hotel rooms where clients require wired connectivity.
  • U6 Enterprise In-Wall: An upgraded version of the U6 In-Wall, featuring a 2.5GbE uplink and 6GHz spectrum support for enhanced performance in professional settings.
  • WiFi BaseStation XG:Tri-radio, Wave 2 AP with a high-performance beamforming antenna designed to support large indoor and outdoor venues with high-density networks.

Power-over-Ethernet Switches

UniFi offers a variety of switches designed to meet your network's exact performance and PoE capacity requirements:

  • Lite: Compact Layer 2 switches with GbE links and basic PoE output
  • Standard: Rack mounted Layer 2 switches that include 1G SFP connections and increased PoE availability
  • Professional: Rack mounted Layer 3 switches that include 10G SFP+ connections and PoE++ output
  • Enterprise: Layer 3 switches that include 10G SFP+ and 2.5GbE PoE+ output
  • Pro Max: High-capacity Layer 3 switches that support 2.5GbE PoE++ output and Etherlighting port identification


UniFi cameras feature high-quality imaging with AI-centric detections so you can keep your organization safe.

  • Gen5 Cameras: Provide versatile indoor/outdoor mounting options and AI-backed smart detections to identify people, vehicles and motion.
    • G5 Pro: indoor/outdoor 4K camera with long-range IR night vision
    • G5 Bullet: indoor/outdoor 2K HD camera
    • G5 Flex: compact, easy-to-deploy 2K HD camera with versatile mounting options
    • G5 Dome: next-gen 2K camera with enhanced dynamic range
  • AI Cameras: Enhanced your smart detection with new classification and recognition capabilities for powerful event filtering and faster incident review.
    • AI Pro: indoor/outdoor 4K camera with enhanced AI detection
    • AI Bullet: indoor/outdoor 2K camera with enhanced AI detection
    • AI Theta: discreet 4K camera with smart detection functionality
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