UniFi Connect - Stream YouTube Content to Displays

UniFi Connect 3.5.6 introduces the ability to play YouTube videos and playlists directly on your Connect Display (Connect 3.5.6 and later) and UC-Cast (Connect 3.8.8 and later) by simply entering the URL. This seamless integration brings the world of online media right into your business environment.

YouTube Content Requirements

  • Visibility Settings: Ensure that the video/playlist is set to “Public” or “Unlisted.” Private videos will not be playable.
  • Embedding Permission: The video uploader must have the “Allow embedding” option enabled.
  • Regional Availability: The video must not be region-locked, ensuring accessibility from your location.
  • Age Restrictions: There should be no age restriction requiring viewers to be over 18 to ensure suitability for all audiences.

For those looking to play private, age-restricted, or region-locked YouTube videos, consider Web Mode on Connect Displays for broader access to YouTube content.

Please review our Video Content Best Practices to optimize playback of your YouTube content.

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