UniFi Access - Monitor Door Location Status and Enable DPS Alerts

UniFi Access allows admins to remotely monitor door lock status and use Door Position Status (DPS) to identify unauthorized or prolonged openings. DPS detects the open or closed status of a door and then sends the status to your Door Access system.

By activating Identity Enterprise, you can select to notify admins of unauthorized or prolonged door openings.


Connect a DPS to a UA Hub by following the UA-Hub Quick Start Guide. It’s recommended to connect the DPS to our Access Lock Magnetic for optimal user experience. 

Monitor Door Location Status

Status Overview

If the Lock Status Is And DPS Status Is Then the Door Location Status Is

Closed, or no DPS connected





Closed, or no DPS connected Locked


Unauthorized opening

UniFi Access

Admins and door attendants can monitor the door location status in the Access application > Dashboard > Locations.

Identity Enterprise

  • Door attendants can monitor the status of the door location assigned to them in their Identity Enterprise Workspace > Doors.
  • Workspace admins can monitor the door location status in the Access application > Dashboard > Locations. Requires Identity Enterprise Agent v1.54.6 or later.

Enable Notifications for Unauthorized/Prolonged Door Openings

Note: This feature is currently unavailable in UniFi Access.

By default, door attendants will receive notifications of unauthorized openings. For the workspace owner and super admins to be notified of unauthorized and prolonged openings, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Identity Enterprise Manager > Services > Door Access > Advanced.
  2. Scroll down to Notify Owner/Super Admins of and tick the Unauthorized/Prolonged Door Openings checkbox.

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